May 2011
Forest management and forest reserves
According to the Objectives of Swiss Forest Reserve Policy, the Confederation aims to place 10 per cent of this country’s woodlands...  More 
May 2011
Rainwater suitable as replacement for tap water in individual cases
National Councillor Adèle Thorens Goumaz (Greens) has launched a Parliamentary initiative (10.503) calling for the Water Protection Act to...  More 
September 2010
FAQs on micropollutants in natural waters
What are micropollutants and where do they come from? Micropollutants are trace organic contaminants or metals found in waters at very low...  More 
January 2010
Forest expansion – facts and opportunities for exercising influence
Switzerland's forest area is increasing – but the rate of increase varies from region to region. For example, the forest area in...  More 
September 2009
Measures for sustainable spatial development
Ongoing development in rural areas is increasingly damaging the quality of life of the Swiss population, as studies of the Swiss Federal...  More 
June 2009
Micropollutants in the aquatic environment
They accompany us on a daily basis: chemicals in textiles, detergents, cosmetics and paints. Many of these substances can be found again in...  More 
March 2009
The restoration of Swiss watercourses is urgently necessary
Watercourses are among the ecosystems that are most intensively used and damaged by people worldwide. Switzerland’s streams and...  More 
November 2008
Biocides in the aquatic environment
If biocides find their way into water, they can have an ecotoxic effect on algae, aquatic plants and animals from a certain threshold...  More 
March 2008
Natural hazards – developing a national warning system
The Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research (WSL), MeteoSwiss (the Federal Office of Meteorology and Climatology),...  More 
March 2008
Using swiss forests as a CO2 sink sustainably
The forest is one of the most important “carbon sinks” of our age. It is capable of extracting carbon dioxide directly from the...  More