27 September 2013
Achievements of the ETH Domain in 2008-2012 and outlook
At the end of last week, the Federal Council followed the unanimous application of the ETH Board and appointed Professor Lino Guzzella as...  More 
20 September 2013
Prof. Dr Lino Guzzella to become president of ETH Zurich
In his research work, Prof. Dr Lino Guzzella, full professor of thermotronics since 1999, has focused on new approaches in system dynamics...  More 
PSI, 03 July 2013
Laying of the corner stone for the new large-scale research facility SwissFEL
On 3 July 2013 the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI laid the corner stone for SwissFEL, its new large-scale research facility, in the presence...  More 
24 May 2013
Excellence thanks to breakthroughs and continual improvement
Excellence is built step by step. In recent days and weeks, ETH Zurich and EPFL have made major breakthroughs, which will enable them to...  More 
24 May 2013
Michael Ambühl appointed as Professor at ETH Zurich
Dr Michael Ambühl (born 1951), currently State Secretary for International Financial Matters at the Federal Department of Finance, will be...  More 
29 April 2013
Switzerland: No water shortage despite melting glaciers
The Blue Brain Project at EPFL achieved a breakthrough in being selected as one of two EU FET flagship initiatives while ETH Zurich opened...  More 
24 April 2013
ETH Board sends out a signal of reliability and trust
The ETH Board is pleased to have received around 50 applications and third-party proposals within the specified deadline in response to its...  More 
08 March 2013
ETH Board honours the institutions’ achievements
The ETH Board has allocated the federal funds available for 2014 to ETH Zurich, EPFL and the four research institutes PSI, WSL, Empa and...  More 
06 March 2013
ETH Board puts on hold the plan to double tuition fees
A parliamentary initiative signed by members of many parliamentary groups and submitted on 5 March 2013 is calling for tuition fees at the...  More 
01 March 2013
Position of President of ETH Zurich advertised
The present incumbent, Prof. Dr. Ralph Eichler, has been appointed until the end of 2014 and will retire. The ETH Board is responsible for...  More